Upcoming Event - 13 March 2017

We look forward to welcoming you to this combined NZEALS/ACEL event which replaces the Auckland Branch networking meeting in Term 1. Please see below for registration details.


We invite you to register for our upcoming workshop series Powerful Learning with Professor David Hopkins. David will be presenting in Auckland and Christchurch.

Workshop focus
David will develop a narrative around three of the myths that he explodes in his new book Exploding the Myths of School Reform and will illustrate them with implementation frameworks and strategies taken from his next generation school and system reform manuals called Powerful Learning. The three myths that provide the focus of the individual sessions are:

  • The myth that achievement cannot be realized at scale for all students
  • The myth that teaching is either an art or science - it is both
  • The myth of the contribution of charismatic leadership to school reform

Workshop dates and locations

Auckland 13th March 2017
Auckland Novotel
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Christchurch 14th March 2017
Christchurch Commodore Hotel
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Further details

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