Breakout Session 3 - 16th September at 2:40 - 3:20

A Study of the Relationship of Transformative Leadership Behaviour with respect to Teaching Attitude

Presenter/s: Nasrin Mujib
Type: Research report
Keywords: Transformative Leadership Behaviour, Teaching Attitude,Secondary School Teachers
Room: Ngā Purapura


In today’s rapidly evolving global landscape, it is essential that education promotes values like optimism, togetherness, and teamwork.This study explores the dynamics of transformative leadership behaviour among secondary school teachers and its impact on teaching attitudes. Through a sample of 100 male and 100 female teachers, data was analyzed using Pearson correlation analysis, ANOVA, and Multiple Linear Regression Analysis. Findings revealed a relationship between transformative leadership behaviour and teaching attitude.

Recommendations are offered to policymakers, curriculum framers, school administrators, and teacher education programs to cultivate transformative leadership qualities among educators. It is vital to equip the students with the abilities and mindset needed to flourish in collaborative settings and face obstacles with perseverance and optimism as we prepare them for an uncertain future. This research helps to clarify how transformative leadership plays a critical role in encouraging hope and teamwork in the classroom, preparing children for the unknowns of the future.


Nasrin Mujib

Dr. Nasrin, a distinguished educator, served as Professor and former Chairperson at Aligarh Muslim University’s Department of Education. With extensive experience spanning 29 years each in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, and 34 years in research, she has supervised 24 research projects and guided 27 Ph.D. candidates. Dr. Nasrin’s scholarly contributions include 58 published articles, 7 psychological scales, and 4 books. Recognized with prestigious awards like the Fellowship Award by Rajasthan Council of Educational Research and Administration, her expertise extends to international conferences, workshops, and invited lectures.