Breakout Session 8 - 18th September at 10:25 - 11:05

“Soul and role”: An optimistic look at authentic leadership

Presenter/s: Juliette Hayes
Type: Research paper
Keywords: Faith, authentic, leadership
Room: Ngā Purapura


Drawing on findings from literature and case studies, my doctoral study is exploring the lived experiences of some New Zealand school leaders who hold a religious faith, and the impact this has had on their working lives in both faith-based and secular schools. While their faith has had a profound influence on their personal and professional identity, their faith and their work have also encountered significant challenges, affecting their capacity to function as fully authentic leaders. They have experienced judgement, crises of faith, shame and even critical career changes when their “soul and role” are not aligned. They have also developed strategies, as their careers have progressed, to rise above the perceptions of others, and to reach a reconciliation between their personal faith and professional lives.

This session will introduce the research approach, key literature and emerging findings from the case studies, then lead participants to explore their own journey towards authentic leadership, through your own particular lens. Through workshopping indicators of authentic leadership and uncovering potential barriers to bringing your whole self to your work we will reach an optimistic view of bringing all of who we are to our leadership.


Juliette Hayes

Juliette has a background in school senior leadership and principalship and is currently in a project management role in education. Her research interests are in exploring and hearing the lived experiences of educational leaders. She lives with her husband and dog in an empty nest in Christchurch, with boomerang adult daughters. She has champagne on ice for when her thesis is finally submitted.