International Links

ACEL is the relevant, influential and vibrant professional association for all educational leaders and the education community.

ACEL taps into the collective and individual expertise of its members, involving them in continuing dialogue and activities to improve educational leadership theory and practice. ACEL also provides members with avenues to publish, discuss, explore and synthesise issues and ideas on educational leadership theory and practice.

ACEL is an active, dynamic organisation that constantly creates new ways for members to connect with other members and educational colleagues within Australia and throughout the world. ACEL actively creates spaces where educational leaders go to be informed, nurtured, stretched, affirmed, challenged; where they see future possibilities and key professional links to people and ideas.

ACEL is recognised as a ‘thought leader’ and continually identifies key issues and politically hot topics that are ahead of current practice. ACEL networks are strategic and continue to generate D&R work necessary to inform and support educational leadership policy and practice.

Founded in 1970, CCEAM is a Commonwealth organisation linking professionals who manage educational institutions and/or teach or research in educational administration.

The purposes of CCEAM are:

  1. to foster close links and exchanges among individuals and associations concerned with the improvement of educational administration, management and leadership
  2. to encourage, in the Commonwealth and more widely, the development of national associations for educational administration, management and leadership
  3. to organise and support regional and international conferences on various aspects of educational administration, management and leadership
  4. to work with national associations to promote international understanding and collaboration
  5. to facilitate and disseminate knowledge about reserach and practice in eductaional administartion, management and leadership
  6. to encourage high standards in the study, practice and preparation of educational administrators, managers and leaders

UCEA is a US consortium of higher education institutions committed to advancing the preparation and practice of educational leaders for the benefit of schools and children.

We fulfill this purpose by:

  • Promoting, sponsoring, and disseminating research on the essential problems of schooling and leadership practice
  • Improving the preparation and professional development of educational leaders and professors
  • Positively influencing local, state and national educational policy

Importantly, the UCEA community and its influence expand far beyond our member universities. Because our members prepare future leaders for schools and school systems, our community extends into districts, schools, and classrooms - the very spaces where children learn and grow. UCEA is also a part of several national networks of educational administration organizations focused on improving the field, including the National Policy Board for Educational Administration.

NZEALS also has close links with the following international educational leadership organisations