President’s Research Award

NZEALS offers an annual research award of $2000. This award recognises work that contributes to the development of knowledge in the field of educational leadership, management and administration.

The award is currently on hold until future sponsorship funding is confirmed.

Award Details


This award recognises meritorious research and scholarship which expand knowledge in the field of educational leadership. Research by emerging researchers and by leaders of priority learners is encouraged.


Applicants must

  • be financial members of NZEALS
  • present an appropriate research proposal (see below)
  • be committed to dissemination through NZEALS
  • acknowledge the support of NZEALS in any publication

Previous recipients of the President's Research Award and the Dame Jean Herbison award are eligible to re-apply after 3 years have elapsed since previously receiving either award.

The research should have

  • an educational leadership focus
  • a clear theoretical underpinning
  • innovative critical theory
  • ideas that challenge
  • relevance to New Zealand
  • and lead to change in practice


Applicants must provide

  1. A letter of application (3-4 pages) which details
    • the overall context and purpose of the research
    • the research aims
    • the proposed methodology
    • the relevance to New Zealand
    • the links to educational leadership
  2. The intended NZEALS dissemination routes: conference paper and / or publication.

Enquiries to:
Annette Rogers - Chair of NZEALS Awards committee

Previous Recipients

  • 2018 - Samantha Mortimer


  • 2017 -


  • 2016 - Vicki Hill

    Investigating an Education Outside the Classroom initiative in a Early Childhood Centre

  • 2015 - Sheralyn Cook

    Investigating New Zealand's Primary Principals' experiences and perceptions ofleading schools in statutory intervention.

  • 2014 - Lisa Morresey

    Understanding of social justice in educational contexts

    Contributing a New Zealand case study to a joint UCEA / BELMAS international research project on social justice.  Travel to the UK as part of the NZ Social Justice research team.

  • 2013 - Juliette Hayes and Ann Briggs

    Growing leadership partners

    Investigating the nature, extent and benefits of school partnerships internationally and in New Zealand.  Identifying skills and dispositions of school leaders in successful partnerships, and the factors that enable and impede partnership activity. 

  • 2012 - Susan Dow; Mal Thompson

    Susan Dow

    Supporting transformational and pedagogical leadership development to enhance the quality of Maori students’ learning in bicultural schools.  How might leaders in a bicultural school be supported as they learn to use transformational and pedagogical leadership in order to enhance the quality of education for Maori students?

    Mal Thompson

    An investigation into transition and literacy learning at three critical points of a student’s life. This study aims to find out what teachers consider important for successful literacy transitions and the impact of those successful transitions.  The focus of three critical points includes from early childhood to starting school, from year 6 primary to year 7 intermediate, and from year 8 to year 9 beginning secondary school.

  • 2011 - Susan Larkins

    Developing teaching as inquiry through subject integration in NZ secondary schools, with a particular focus on Maori and Pasifika learners.

  • 2010 - Rachel McNae; Dr Ross Notman

    Rachel McNae

    This research explored young people’s perceptions of leadership and investigated an alternative approach for leadership development with young people in New Zealand high schools. A youth-adult partnership was created and a process of co-construction was used to create a contextually relevant leadership development programme for a group of New Zealand high school students. A key aim was to bring the voices of young women into educational leadership conversations.

    Ross Notman

    “School leadership: Practice and policy perspectives” reported New Zealand case study findings of six successful primary and secondary school principals as part of the International Successful School Principalship Project (ISSPP) across 14 countries. The research aims of the New Zealand section of the international project were built around two major research questions:

    • What practices do successful principals use?
    • What gives rise to successful principal leadership?

2009 - No award
2008 - No award
2007 - Cheryl Stephens; Dr Jennie Billot
2006 - Jenny Collins
2005 - No awards
2004 - Ruth Gorinski; Annie Milne
2003 - Dr Marion Court; Dr Richard Smith
2002 - Tanya Fitzgerald; Dr Lorraine McLeod