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Recognising, & Acting Positively To Address Unconscious Bias In Schools - 20 October, 2020 - Auckland

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NZEALS is offering free to all NZEALS members the opportunity to be part of a small online forum through which you can connect with other education leaders and explore new understandings of leadership practice. Our over-arching dialogue theme is:

Knowing ourselves as leaders NOW

  • Visiting Scholar 2019

    In a nationwide Workshop Tour Emeritus Professor David L. Giles asked:

    When is leadership not relational?
    When is mentoring not relational?
    When is education not relational?
    When is life not relational?

    David Giles’s research explores the characteristics of relational leadership that we have taken for granted in our everyday practice as leaders. These characteristics are evident in positional and emergent leadership, relational sensibilities; organisational culture; professional development and formation; curriculum design, pedagogy and assessment.