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Welcome to the NZEALS 2021 Leadership Forums: Being the leader I need

In Term 1 we explore the topic: Knowing the leader I am. How do we know ourselves as leaders? What do we bring to leadership? Who do we bring to leadership?

Monday 15th March 4.30pm - Register here.

In Term 2 we move on to: Navigating leadership. This topic is explored through two sessions, looking at how we use our leadership skills for positive impact, and at how we flourish relationships with others.

Monday 17th May 4.30pm - Register here

Monday 21st June 4.30pm - Register here

In Term 3, two sessions take us beyond the boundaries of our everyday leadership through the theme: Lifting our sights. What can we learn from beyond our own experience? Where is our leadership taking us and others? What lies beyond the horizon?

Monday 2nd August 4.30pm - Register here

Monday 13th September 4.30pm - Register here

Being The Leader I Need