Innovation in Education Grant for Teachers

  1. The aim of this grant is to acknowledge and support research, development of innovative teaching, learning and leadership ideas, or postgraduate study by teachers in Canterbury early childhood centres, and primary, intermediate, secondary and area schools.
  2. The grant is for $1,500. The successful applicant will receive $750 when the grant is awarded and a further $750 when NZEALS Canterbury receives the final written report.
  3. Eligibility - Applicants must:
    1. be financial members* of NZEALS (Canterbury Branch) at the time of application and for the period of the award
    2. live in Canterbury/Westland
    3. have a teaching component to their job in a school or early childhood centre at the time of application
    4. be involved in leadership within their school or centre
    5. be considered by colleagues to be contributing to innovation in teaching/learning
    6. be able to show how their proposed study, development, and/or research will contribute to their personal/professional growth as an educational innovator and to their institution and/or the wider educational community
    7. not be receiving financial support from another award or scholarship for the period of the NZEALS Canterbury scholarship.

      * being a financial member includes your school/centre being an institutional member or being nominated by a principal or head teacher who is a financial member.

  4. Applications will open on 1 September and close on 30 October 2019.
  5. Successful applicants will have 18 months to complete their study and/or research.
  6. Criteria for grant.
    1. Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria (3.1 – 3.7 above)

      Applicants must provide:

    2. a confidential referee’s statement from their principal, centre manager or other senior colleague confirming their current innovative activities and/or educational leadership potential
    3. a written application (see application form) including:
      1. confirmation of their personal membership of NZEALS, or their school’s / centre’s institutional membership of NZEALS, or their principal’s/head teacher’s membership of NZEALS
      2. a brief outline of their contribution to teaching/learning/innovation,
      3. an outline, including timeline, for the proposed study** and/or research,
      4. a statement of the personal/professional benefits of their proposed study and/or research,
      5. a statement of the benefits of their proposed study** and/or research to their institution and/or the wider educational community.
    4. Applications will also be considered in terms of:
      1. the likely contribution to national and/or local education goals and initiatives
      2. the innovative nature of the proposal.
  7. The successful applicant will:
    1. produce a written report at the completion of his/her study and
    2. provide a seminar for the Canterbury NZEALS branch.
  8. Applications will be considered by a subcommittee of three members of the NZEALS Canterbury Committee (including the President), whose decision will be final.

** ‘study’ is used in a broad sense and could include the development of an innovative school programme or teaching/learning resource, with a research base.