LEADING LIGHTS     Issue 3 | 2021

Exeley Journal Of Educational Leadership Policy And Pract


JELPP – our NZEALS journal

The Journal of Educational Leadership, Policy and Practice (JELPP) is your leadership journal. You can find it online at https://nzeals.org.nz/jelpp/ and on our publisher’s website at https://www.exeley.com/journal/journal_of_educational_leadership_policy_and_pract

This is a call for papers for JELPP, with a reminder that papers can be submitted at any time of year, as we operate an ‘open volume’ system. This means that, once your paper has been refereed and accepted, it can be published online to join the current volume.

We publish papers by researchers and practitioners across the field of educational leadership, focussing on educational leadership in a range of contexts at international, national, regional or institutional level.

We also welcome leadership stories: these are less formal pieces, usually focussing on one aspect of educational leadership or a particular leadership scenario.

JELPP is not just for researchers and writers: it is for readers! As an educational leadership professional you will find insights and leadership learning from educational settings across the world. The papers in JELPP enable you to lift your sights above the day-to-day to consider leadershp in other contexts: an activity which in turn enhances your own practice.

So take ‘time out’ to scan recent papers, and – if you have a paper in preparation, send it to us! If you would like more information, please visit one of the website links, or email Ann Briggs, JELPP Production Editor.

Kia kaha

JELPP publication team