LEADING LIGHTS     Issue 4 | 2021

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From the President’s Pen

An appreciation to all leaders during this time

From the President’s Pen   Jeremy Kedian

From The Presidents Pen 2021 4 Content

This has been a singularly difficult period for leaders throughout New Zealand, but especially in those areas that have been in lockdown for a substantial period. The work has been draining for Principals, who have had to draw heavily on the expertise and energies of middle leaders.

NZEALS is aware of the additional stresses and strains that this has placed on middle leaders, some of whom have had little opportunity for professional learning and development. In canvassing middle leaders it has become clear to us that there is an enormous need to provide further ongoing development for this echelon of leaders.

To this end, NZEALS is providing a set of three one-hour late afternoon workshops for middle leaders at the beginning of term one, 2022. I encourage all middle leaders to participate. These are intended for both experienced and less experienced middle leaders. They will provide information, but equally importantly will provide an opportunity for middle leadership networking, sharing of experiences, exploring some of the theory and practice of middle leadership, and breaking through barriers that may in someway inhibit individual leaders’ developmental and career progress.

Middle leaders are crucial for the successful leadership and management of primary, intermediate, secondary and early childhood education. Developing expertise as a middle leader is not only an appropriate career decision but also creates opportunities for greater contribution.

It is my sincere hope that middle leaders will leap at the opportunity of engaging in a professional learning programme that is tailored specifically for their needs.

In the meantime, I thank all of the leaders, senior and middle, who have made such an enormous contribution to early childhood and school-based learning this year. I wish you well over the summer break and trust that you will have an opportunity to relax and recharge your batteries.