LEADING LIGHTS     Issue 2 | 2024

Shanthan Naidu

Learning from other jurisdictions – a reciprocal experience

Shanthan reports on the principal leadership tour to Finland he has just returned from.

Article by   Shanthan Naidu

Shanthan Naidu is an esteemed educator and visionary leader with over two decades of experience shaping the landscape of primary and intermediate education. Currently serving as the Principal at Ōrākei School, a renowned full primary school nestled in the heart of Auckland Central, Shanthan, who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role, has dedicated his career to fostering excellence in education.

At the core of Shanthan’s philosophy is the belief in creating innovative and engaging learning environments that inspire students to thrive and develop a love for lifelong learning.

Shanthan is passionate about cultivating emerging leaders, advocating for professional development initiatives that empower educators to reach their potential.

Shanthan is committed to establishing strong connections with fellow educational leaders through collaboration and seeks to drive positive change and innovations.

Shanthan is an avid researcher and has recently completed a Master’s degree in Change & Organisational Resilience.

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