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Andrew King has been in the teaching profession for the past 20 years, 12 years as Principal. He is currently Principal at Oropi School, which has been since 2010. This has been a rapidly changing context in a semi-rural location on the outskirts of Tauranga, with a current roll of 330 students Year 1-8. His experience has involved a lot of change leadership, with a focus on effective implementation of new initiatives and setting clear strategic direction. From 2016-2018, this saw him step in to the roll of foundation Kahui Ako Lead Principal for Tauranga Peninsula, which was a very enriching experience, gaining a lot of new systemic, strategic and leadership insights and skills within a very complex context.

Being back full-time in the Oropi context is allowing his energies to be focused on furthering curriculum developments and leading change that is underway around culturally reponsive and relational pedagogy and leadership, and the school’s Intercultural Strategy. Andrew completed his Masters degree in 2016, with a focus on effective leadership of an Intercultural Strategy. Over the past 5 years the school has been on a journey regarding the effective implementation of an raising the level of Te Reo & Tikanga Maori across the whole school, Asian Language Learning programme, building its international capabilities, global perspectives, and humanitarian efforts.

The school is now in a position to have been able to share this journey nationally and most recently at the AFS Global Conference, Budapest, September 2018. The school has had travel opportunities to China for students, parents and staff, with strongly established connections in Sister Schools in China. Likewise, Oropi enjoys regularly hosting international visitors to the school from China, and they become a part of the Oropi educational context.

Leading Lights Articles by Andrew King

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As principal of a semi-rural primary school, I notice an abundance of opportunity the Pandemic has given us in considering educational needs and priorities as a sector moving forward.


Leading and Enabling an Effective Intercultural Strategy in New Zealand Schools

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New Zealand primary schools need to be critically thinking about how to implement programmes of learning to build intercultural capabilities, skills and dialogue. Multicultural programmes where children are learning about aspects of other cultures do not do enough to promote inter-cultural connectedness, empathy, acceptance and understanding.