Jeanette Munday

Jeanette Munday

Queensland, Australia

Jeanette Mundy is a transformational leadership coach with 35+ years of business, leadership and training experience, and 10 years experience as an ontological Coach. Jeanette coaches leaders and other coaches to believe in themselves, develop themselves as authentic and powerful, reach their unique potential and increase their earning potential. With the use of the Being Profile® Tool Jeanette “gets under the hood” of their concerns to create deep and profound transformation.

Leading Lights Articles by Jeanette Munday

The Place for Compassion and Self-Compassion in Leadership

Featured in Issue 1 | 2023

Qualities like compassion for others and self-compassion are often downplayed by leaders who regard them as soft skills that have no place in a professional setting. In this article, Jeanette Mundy, an ontological and transformational leadership coach, explains why compassion and self-compassion are, in fact, critical qualities in leadership and shares eight ways to practise...