Breakout Session 1 - 16th September at 12:25 - 1:05

Being a Leader in Education – The Great Opportunity

Presenter/s: Lysandra Stuart, Pip Wells
Type: Leadership story
Keywords: Opportunity, excitement, privilege
Room: Tautoru


Join us to explore the transformative power of optimistic leadership in New Zealand schools. As principals, we have the unique privilege and responsibility to shape the educational landscape, creating environments where students and staff can thrive. Our vision is to drive meaningful change, fostering inclusive and innovative learning spaces that meet our community’s diverse needs.

Discover the extraordinary opportunities to lead initiatives that enhance educational outcomes, from implementing modern teaching practices to nurturing a culture of continuous improvement. By leveraging our leadership, we can significantly impact students’ academic and personal growth, equipping them with the skills and confidence needed for their futures.

Our role extends beyond the classroom as we build strong, supportive communities. Through collaboration with parents, local organisations, and stakeholders, we can create a cohesive network that supports holistic student development.

This workshop aims to inspire and empower principals to recognise and maximise their potential to make a lasting impact. Together, we’ll explore strategies to enhance learning, foster community engagement, and lead with a vision that embraces change and celebrates success”.


Lysandra Stuart, Pip Wells

Lysandra Stuart is a seasoned professional with over thirty years of experience in the education and non-profit sectors. As a Lead Principal, she is dedicated to advancing educational opportunities for all students. Lysandra’s educational philosophy focuses on optimistic leadership, being brave and bold to make necessary changes for the good of learners, while holding the line for good practice. She ensures that as leaders, they facilitate and foster environments that strengthen those around them, adding value and purpose.
Pip Wells has worked as an educator of ākonga from early childhood through to tertiary, both inside and outside of the state education sector, and is currently principal of Nelson Central School. She is passionate about making a difference for each student, and believes in being strength based, research grounded and solutions focussed to support and enhance the mana of all within our learning community. That by acting with hope and integrity we can all lead towards a more equitable positive future.