LEADING LIGHTS     Issue 2 | 2020


Fellows of NZEALS

by   Ann Briggs

What is a Fellow?
A Fellow is a member of an academy or learned society (a fellowship) which works together in pursuing mutual knowledge or practice. It is often (as in NZEALS) used to denote senior membership, earned by merit.

At most of our conferences, we celebrate NZEALS awards which have been announced during the previous two years. At the 2020 conference, we would have acclaimed the work of two long-standing members and congratulated them as Fellows. We will certainly do this in 2021, but are also taking the opportunity to do so here, through Leading Lights.

As you will note on the Awards page of the website:

  • Fellows are nominated by NZEALS Branches or National Council
  • They are long serving members of NZEALS
  • They will have made a significant contribution in theory, practice or leadership of their professional colleagues.
  • They will have played a significant part in the development of quality educational leadership and administration in New Zealand.

This means that any member may make a nomination by contacting either their Region President, or their National President and setting up a proposal following the criteria above.

This year, we celebrate the work of Dr Anne Malcolm, who is our Immediate Past President at National level, and also President of the Auckland Region, and Juliette Hayes, who has also served as National President, is our current Vice President, and for many years was editor of Leading Lights.

Members can read the full proposal documents for Anne and Juliette here in Leading Lights. I’m sure that you will be impressed by the breadth of our Fellows’ contributions to educational leadership here in New Zealand.

Please congratulate Anne Malcolm and Juliette Hayes, as you read in the following articles about what NZEALS means to them.