LEADING LIGHTS     Issue 2 | 2021

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Invitation to participate in doctoral research

Invitation by   Juliette Hayes

Are you a school leader who identifies as practising a religious faith? Are you interested in participating in a case study that explores school leaders’ personal faith and their professional lives?

I am seeking two more people to participate in my doctoral research through the University of Otago. I seek current or recent leaders of state, state integrated or private primary or secondary schools, who are prepared to discuss their personal faith and calling in the context of their working lives. This would involve an interview of approximately 1 hour, along with observations on site and sharing any relevant documents, and a follow-up interview later in the year.

As a result of participating in the study, it is hoped that participants will feel they have gained further insight into how they balance aspects of their personal and professional life, their calling to teach and lead, and the challenges and passions experienced as a leader who follows a personal faith. The insights gained from exploring such a deeply personal and complex topic may have relevance to other leaders who are reflecting on aspects of their own personal belief systems and their professional practice.

If this is something you feel you could support me with please contact me at the email address below, for further information about the project.

Ngā mihi, Juliette Hayes