Juliette Hayes

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JULIETTE HAYES is an experienced educational leader who is currently undertaking her Doctorate of Education at the University of Otago. She is a member of the NZEALS executive.

Leading Lights Articles by Juliette Hayes

Invitation to participate in doctoral research

Featured in Issue 2 | 2021

Are you interested in participating in a case study that explores school leaders’ personal faith and their professional lives?


Meet your newest Fellows

Featured in Issue 2 | 2020

My own experience of NZEALS membership and active participation has opened up so many opportunities, brought me into contact with some incredible people, and greatly enhanced my satisfaction as a leader.


NZEALS connects

Featured in Issue 1 | 2020

NZEALS’ National Exec has been reflecting on how we can increase attendance at regional and national events, and grow our membership. We decided to ask sector leaders about their priorities for professional growth and connections, so that NZEALS can strive to meet them better.


The value and importance of being a researching practitioner

Featured in Issue 2 | 2019

In Issue 1 | 2019 of Leading Lights I discussed the role of the reflective practitioner. In this issue, I continue to explore this concept through the further step of formalising practitioner research for educational leaders.



Featured in Issue 2 | 2019

The end of 2019 brings with it some closure on significant upheavals in education in New Zealand. For NZEALS’ Research and Publications department, 2019 has seen significant changes too. Our international journal, Journal of Educational Leadership, Policy and Practice, moved to an online platform, giving readers maximum access to the quality material available in this...


The Value And Importance Of Being A Reflective Practitioner

Featured in Issue 1 | 2019

Reflective practice, or learning from experience, is of value and importance to all educators, from the neophyte teacher to experienced school leaders. Its purpose is to reconstruct the individual’s beliefs and knowledge about their work.