LEADING LIGHTS     Issue 3 | 2020

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Kia ora from NZEALS

Staying connected

by   Ann Briggs

Does that title ring a bell? Have you seen it in your Inbox or Junk mail lately? It’s a friendly reminder that your membership subscription has passed its ‘use by’ date. Institutional budgets are tight and NZEALS payment systems have changed over the past year, but we still value you as an NZEALS member.

Our exciting online forums are nearing their launch: firstly for member-only - to thank you for your support - then free for members while others will pay. We are planning our conference – NZEALS 2021 – as a time for (hopefully) face-to-face networking, and our newsletter and journal are waiting for your leadership news and research findings, to share across New Zealand and world-wide.

Your NZEALS membership uniquely links you with leaders across the educational sector, and these cross-sector contacts can lift you out of your day-to-day leadership to think about the educational system as a whole – as our learners experience it. It is a valuable tool for leadership learning, for you and your leadership team.

So if your membership has lapsed, either look out the invoice recently sent, or contact me on ann.briggs@ncl.ac.uk and we’ll soon have you back on the membership list.

And if you aren’t a member yet – join NZEALS NOW!

All the best for Term 3