LEADING LIGHTS     Issue 3 | 2021

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Special offer for your team!

Two free NZEALS memberships

NZEALS exists to enhance and enrich leadership learning – among all educational leaders. Our current membership comprises mainly senior leaders, who value the interaction and resources that we provide. We’d love to enhance the leadership experience of others in your organisation: new leaders, aspirant leaders, team leaders, middle leaders, APs and DPs.

We’re targeting this cohort of leaders within our 2022 conference provision: on our conference page we are seeking feedback from them about their preferences and needs. We’d also like to extend free membership to them, which will enable them to join the NZEALS network and register for the conference at member rates.

Every member who pays / has paid for full membership ($150) since January 1st 2021 through to August 31st 2022 is entitled to claim two free one-year memberships for their colleagues. If you join or renew your membership after September 1st, you will be sent a coupon to claim the free memberships: if you have already paid, you will be contacted personally about the offer, or you can contact Ann Briggs, the National Secretary, to claim your coupons now.

This is our contribution to future-proofing your leadership team – but we need you to put it into place. If you are not yet a member, you can join NZEALS now and take advantage of this offer. And please prompt your middle leaders to fill in the pre-conference feedback form.

Let’s all pull together for the next cohort of educational leaders.

Kia kaha