Dr. Peggy Burrows

Peggy Burrows

Peggy Burrows graduated from the University of Canterbury with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) focussing on bicultural leadership in AotearoaNew Zealand and the importance for equity of adopting kaupapa Māori principles to leadership practice and pedagogy. Appointed as a Justice of the Peace at the age of 33 she has served in that capacity for over three decades. Peggy served three terms as an appointed member of the Deportation Review Tribunal, sitting on the Bench in the District Court for over ten years. Her extensive experience in governance, management, administration and leadership have complimented the diverse roles she has undertaken in Education, Law, Conservation and Animal Welfare.

In 2016 Peggy established Peggy Burrows and Associates, Leadership and Mediation Consultancy to work with and advocate for leaders from all walks of life. Peggy Burrows personifies leadership resilience and is a passionate advocate for leaders at all levels. She generously shares her time and expertise and has travelled the world delivering conference papers focussed on her important research into kaupapa Māori principles in leadership.

Leading Lights Articles by Dr. Peggy Burrows

Kaupapa Māori Principles Of Leadership

Kaupapa Māori Principles of Leadership

Featured in Issue 2 | 2022

A presentation at the NZEALS 2022 Conference


Ahurea Tuakiri

Featured in Issue 1 | 2019

This article examines the unhappy consequences of Pākehā monolingualism on Māori student identity. The author explores implications for Māori Student when their identity is subjugated by dominant Pākehā imperatives of culture.