(UPDATED, May 2017)

All papers submitted to the Journal of Educational Leadership Policy and Practice are subject to refereeing by two independent scholarly reviewers before being considered for publication. The Editors’ decision(s) with regard to manuscripts are final.

Manuscript Presentation

  1. Papers for the special edition should be submitted by email as MS Word files to Michele Morrison.

• Full papers should not exceed 7,000 words (including references).
• Leadership Stories should not normally exceed 3,000 words.
• Book Reviews can be between 750 - 1,500 words.

  1. Name, institution and contact details should appear on a separate page at the beginning of the manuscript.

  2. Provide an abstract of no more than 200 words and a maximum of 6 keywords/phrases that will assist readers to locate your work.

  3. Spelling should follow the Oxford Dictionary.

  4. Manuscripts should be 1.5 spaced, 12 point Times New Roman with margins of no more than 35mm. All text should be fully justified. Paragraphs should be indented 15mm except for the first line following any heading.

  5. Quotes of more than 40 words should be indented 25mm left and right and single spaced.

  6. Remove all bias in language.

  7. Avoid the use of footnotes or endnotes.

  8. Figures and tables should follow APA conventions and where possible should be supplied in TIFF format. They should be positioned at the end of the article, each one on a separate page, with the place marked in the text where they are to be inserted.

  9. Authors should remove any self-identifying citations or references in the text and the References List. When papers are first submitted, XXXX can be used to denote the removal of such references. It is the responsibility of the author(s) to insert all references once the paper has been accepted for publication.

  10. Acknowledgements should be placed in a separate section at the end of the text and before the References List.


Referencing and formatting

The APA style set out in the publication manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition) is required. Papers that do not adhere to this protocol will be returned to the author for revision. Only references cited in the text should be listed. Some examples of this reference style are:


Author, A. (2016). Article title. Journal Title, Volume(Issue Number), xx-xxx. doi:xx.xxxxxxxx
Author, A., & Author, B. (2016). Article title. Journal Title, Volume(Issue Number), xx-xxx. doi:xx.xxxxxxxx
When a reference has more than 7 authors, cite the first 6 authors followed by three ellipsis points and the final author.

Author, B. (2015). Book title. Location: Publisher.
Author, C., & Author, D. (2013). Book title. Location: Publisher.
Location – cite city and state initials (US publications) or city and country (all other sources).

Author, F. (2014). Chapter title. In G. Author (Ed.), Book title. (3rd ed., pp. xx-xxx). Location: Publisher.

Author, A., Author, B., & Author, C. (2006). Title. Journal Title, Volume(Number), xx-xxx. Retrieved from

Author, H. (2004). Title of doctoral or master’s thesis. Unpublished doctoral or master’s thesis, Name of institution, Location/City.

According to Jones (2013), a growing body of research………
It was observed by Author and Author (2013) that a growing body of research….
It was observed that there was a growing body of research (Author & Author, 2013).

For three, four, or five authors, cite all the names followed by the year the first time in the text. In subsequent citations, include the surname of first author followed by et al. (a period after et al. is important) and the year of publication.

For six or more authors, cite only the surname of the first author followed by et al. and the year for the first and subsequent citations.

Proofs will be sent to the first author. This provides opportunity for authors to check their manuscript and all references. No substantial changes can be made at this point.

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