The Leading Lights newsletter is distributed to NZEALS members four times a year.

The purpose of the newsletter is to support members through

  • Networking and sharing information and ideas between Branches
  • Providing a range of perspectives on educational leadership
  • Representing each educational sector
  • Supporting practitioners in their work and research
  • Reviewing and discussing recent publications and research
  • Promoting NZEALS as an educational network to prospective members
Contributions to Leading Lights are welcome from
  • Branch members - reports and reviews of recent activities
  • Researchers - brief articles on current findings
  • Book reviewers - comments on recent publications
  • Practitioners - perspectives on current issues in education

Articles are encouraged to be 500 – 800 words in length, submitted in Microsoft Word.

Please send accompanying photographs with high resolution.

The Editorial Board of Leading Lights is led by Annette Sheehy. Annette is currently NZEALS National Vice President. Please contact Annette to comment or contribute.

Other Board members are

Juliette Hayes

Ann Briggs

Vicki Hill


Leading Lights is produced by

Saltmines Graphic Designers, Geraldine, New Zealand.

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